Thursday, November 19, 2009

On strike, part 2

So, he's up. He came downstairs half-naked and threw his Pull Up tangled in his pajama bottoms down the stairs and screamed "HELP." We got a new Pull Up on him and he ran off in just a pajama top and his Pull Up to go play.

He was delighted to find the police car that Daddy just fixed and repeatedly drove it off the mountain, a k a the arm of the sofa. (Yeah! Now I get to hear sirens all day long. Thanks, Jimmy!)

Wonder when or if he'll even eat?

He did drink some water and ate some cantaloupe and an oatmeal cookie that he found on the table.

A friend of mine told me recently that the best she could do some days when her kids were little was to keep them from hurting themselves and others. Right now, he's playing with train tracks punctuated by screams of frustration that I am NOT answering today unless it sounds desperate or like someone is going to get hurt. The baby is crawling around the baby-proofed play room. She'll go down for a nap soon.

Maybe ignoring them for a while will do us all some good.

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