Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yes, he can be charming

Surprise, surprise, our 2yo son can be charming and fun. I've decided to start writing down, publicly here or privately, those things my son does that are funny, charming, surprising in their atypicalness ... you get idea. It's not that these things go unnoticed on a daily basis. They're the things that are recalled in conversation with my husband in the quiet times when babies are sleeping. They're just not recalled readily in the fog of daily mommy-hood. So here's today's list:
  1. Danny sat on the back porch with me for almost an HOUR this morning gluing cars that I cut from magazines onto a piece of paper. It's the longest he's ever sat down for a craft that wasn't play dough.
  2. We told him tonight that his full name is Danny Meehan. He thought it over and shouted "Danny Meehan" while pumping his open hand at us. Get it? Me hand.
  3. Danny and I talked about Aunt Jackie coming on an airplane Monday night. He informed me that she was going to "land off." Get it? That's what a plane does when it leaves the land ... Land off!
So there you have it. A brief reprieve, a bright spot, a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, God!

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