Monday, July 06, 2009

Six funny things

Not everything that goes on around here fits into a nice 500-word post with a beginning, middle and end. Many of the funny things that come up in a day wind up on my Facebook status updates. I've tried Twitter, but I must be too old for it. It literally makes no sense to me. If I was at a computer all day or had a web-enabled cell phone maybe I'd use it. But, then again, probably not. I like words, I like stories, I don't want to reduce my world to 50 word phrases.

So here are a few interesting, funny or just plain nutty things that have gone on lately (in no particular order):
  • Danny now speaks in complete sentences. The first one I took notice of was this: "Daddy found 'spectacular' in his pocket." "Spectacular" is the name of one of his Matchbox cars; it had been MIA for a while. (yes, all of his cars have names, as do all of his stuffed animals) The fascinating thing to me (and maybe me alone) is that he formed a thought about his missing car at least 24 hours after it was found. Of course, now he believes that car was in Daddy's pocket the whole time.
  • Name that car. All of Danny's cars have names and, sadly, Jim and I actually have conversations about these cars, calling them by name. As in "Have you seen Louis car?" (the first car Danny named because he "stole" it from his friend Louis) or "Green machine is missing again." Louis car is the one that began the obsession and since then, all have been named. There's purple racer, vanilla racer, desert racer (a dune buggy), spectacular, and Uncle Tim's car (which applies to anything that came from Nana and PopPop's house).
  • A little slice of order amidst the chaos. Danny is obsessed with cars. He is developing quite the collection. He sleeps with them. He lines them up end on end (but hasn't called them a traffic jam yet). He lines them up side by side and calls it a car show. He parks them, sometimes diagonally, and calls it a parking lot. He drives them into and backs them out of anything that looks like a garage. It's amusing to see, amidst the toys scattered about, cars perfectly lined up.
  • Our little girl is turning into a drama queen. Last night, she was crying hysterically in her crib after I put her to bed. Usually, she gritches for a few minutes before drifting off. She's even had nights with no gritching. I brought her down to the play/living room where Danny and Jim were playing. She got quiet, saw what was going on and started crying again. It was an angry, body curling, grunting sort of cry. It was as if she'd figured out that people are up having fun while she's in bed. To be fair, the night before last, she was up late watching fireworks.
  • Speaking of fireworks ... We went down to my folks house on July 4th. We walked up to the art museum grounds to watch the fireworks. Danny was a little scared at first. Fiona was wide awake, watching and shrieking with delight.
  • It's all about the music. The kids like our kind of music. Last night, we were listening to Grateful Dead's Long Strange Trip. As soon as the first song came on, Fiona went nuts, moving her arms and squealing. I'm finding that the kids are calmer and happier when music is on.
So there you have it ... all I can't convey through Facebook status updates and refuse to reduce to a tweet.

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