Monday, June 01, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

I suspect that my kids take turns being evil. Right now, they're on an every other week schedule. Weekends around here have been like the changing of the guard with a 12 hour or so overlap of evilness.

This week it's Danny's turn. His new favorite activity is to bury his face in the sofa, put his bum in the air and utter a muffled "Nope" to mommy's requests. He's quickly learning that saying no whilst his bum is in the air is not such a good idea.

Last week, Fiona hit a growth spurt and was generally fussy and sleepless. Last night, she finally got back to her usual eight hours. It really sucked that today she got two shots, but she's been asleep for at least the past few hours and I'm hoping she stays that way. She's now four months old, weighs 14 pounds (75th percentile) and is 26 1/2 inches tall/long (97th percentile). Oh, and the doctor and nurse were just tickled to see her little head raising maneuver. Apparently, this is not common for babies her age, nor is grabbing the doctor's nose and stethoscope.

Given this post's title, you might think going out to the ballgame is my new euphemism for going nuts. We actually did go to a baseball game today. I took the kids to the ball park downtown. I was reluctant to say yes when a friend asked us to go, but figured what the heck. It'll kill several hours and Danny might just enjoy himself and not be too evil. Right on all three counts, I was (don't know why I'm talking like Yoda tonight). I packed our lunch and snacks, plopped Danny in the stroller and Fiona in the sling (ask me how my back feels tonight), and walked about a block to the park where we met up with our friends. Danny screamed his head off when we got in the elevator, but I expected that and he was fine once the doors opened. However, two weeks from now we're staying at a resort in Daytona on the 22nd floor. Should be loads of fun! I think the kid, like me, has a complex about being confined. He also was a little uneasy about the seating arrangements and kept trying to get out and walk around. Once he got away from me and up a few rows before I could maneuver myself and Fiona up to get him. Finally, I just relented and took him on a walk around the stands so he could see everything. That seemed to be just what he needed. He even held my hand while we were walking, which is very unusual for him.

Fiona was just plain overstimulated by the whole affair and slept in the sling, on my shoulder and on my lap almost the whole time. She didn't even wake up when I repositioned her. All in all, a pretty positive and fun experience. Danny even got to scream to his heart's content with the rest of the crowd.

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