Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daytona dispatch #2

When we got pregnant with Danny, we broke the news to my parents by telling them that our vacation that summer would be our last one without children. How right we were to savor that last vacation. It was Assateague Island with Jim's family and in my mind it's one of the best vacations I've taken as an adult. Vacations with small children, as we're finding out, are quite challenging. But at least I get to type this missive with a gorgeous view of the ocean. The sun is sparkling on the waves and people are just starting to populate the beach. The proximity of the beach and pool do make it easy to set up and break down our spot. As much as I'm enjoying the sun, sand, surf and pool, though, it's still just as much work as home, if not more. The baby won't sleep and the toddler won't eat, hence I'm not sleeping and I'm making food that just gets wasted.

But on the bright side, Danny is really enjoying himself. He has absolutely no fear of the ocean. He goes right in, gets knocked over by the waves and loves it. He also is holding his breath when he goes under water. It took only one mouthful of saltwater to convince him to keep his mouth closed. He loves to run down the beach. He's thrilled by the open space. In the pool, he jumps off the side, goes under and swims his way up. Once he even swam to the side. That said, there are things you just can't really do with a toddler on the beach. I miss being able to swim out to the sandbar and float back or set up my beach chair at the water's edge (incidentally, it's ironic that these two activities consist of my "happy place" and I can't literally indulge in them like I used to).

We're on the 15th floor and there's a beautiful deck. Until last night, we've kept Danny off of it ... especially since he told us "Go outside. Jump down." Um, no way kid. He did go out there last night with Nana. He banged on the table, called it a drum and requested "Back inside." Once back inside, made a beeline for his blocks, picked out two long cylindrical pieces and requested a return to the deck. Nana said no. He looked up at her, showed her the blocks and said "Drums." It's always interesting to see how he thinks.

I've gotten a lot of good photos. I'll post some later if I get a chance.

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