Thursday, April 10, 2008

What are the odds?

My husband has never had to travel for work. Wouldn't you know it, he wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time this week - Dallas, Texas. He was stranded in Dallas nearly 24 hours past his original flight. And I was stranded at home with turbo tot.

The first few days were fine. Dan and I had fun and I have the photos to prove it. Check it out. On Tuesday, we went to the museum with my friend Jen and her son Carson. Then, later we had dinner at their house and the boys took a bath together. On Wednesday, we visited our friends Marisa and Louis. But by Thursday, Dan was just miserable. He went on a napping strike. It was as if he decided not to sleep until Daddy got home. I couldn't get him to stop crying and I was scared and strung out and started crying myself. Then Jim called and said he was on a plane. And I started crying even harder. Dan began laughing at me, then I began laughing at him, then he began crying again. What? We were both just a little insane by then. Luckily, my girlfriends arrived with their kids for play group around 3 p.m.

But the coolest thing happened this afternoon ... Dan actually sat with me as I read The Touch and Feel Kitten book. One of the tactile surfaces the book presents is a basket for the kitten. About an hour later, on our back porch, Dan went up to the blinds, which have a basket-like feel, and got all excited. Then it dawned on me that he was thinking of the book we had just read. Wow. He actually is thinking about something other than goldfish crackers, balloons and sticks.

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