Saturday, April 26, 2008

No peas please

So far, Dan is not a picky eater. And by that I mean he pretty much will put anything in his mouth - dirt, grass, leaves, sticks, dog food, petrified noodles, small plastic toys, and food, of course.

But I've found something the boy just won't eat. Yesterday I snatched the first few snow peas from the vine. Of course, I picked them before they were fully ripe. Fresh peas are just irresistible. I think of the vines as my outdoor snack. I offered one to Dan for his first taste of mommy's favorite spring treat. He turned it over in his chubby little hand a few times and gave me a quizzical look. "It's food Dan, you can eat it," I tell him and gently guided his hand to his mouth. He crunched it with his teeth, then took it out and threw it on the ground. (By the way, he has finally gotten two more teeth.)

The fruits of my labor have been spurned by a two and a half foot garden Godzilla. (Well, to be honest, I didn't really labor over the peas. Peas will grow pretty much wherever you drop them.) I was hoping he'd really like eating fresh peas from the vine. Now if I can just get him to stop eating sticks and leaves ...

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