Monday, March 31, 2008

Faux capitalism

In a country that claims to be capitalist, the phrase "doctor shopping" should not describe an aggravating factor in criminal charges. Tonight at work, I came across this lovely article about two women charged with prescription drug fraud. Police think the women forged prescriptions to get their pill fix. However, police also claim the women visited various doctors to get prescriptions.

I, too, am considering a little "doctor shopping." I don't need prescription drugs, but a doctor whose fees closely match my insurance company's usual, customary and reasonable rate schedule (once I find out what that is). Better keep my nose clean, though. I don't want the authorities to think I'm just collecting scripts or the doctors to label me a difficult patient a la Elaine Benes (CLASSIC Seinfeld episode).

Of course, I'd probably still attract suspicion since no one shops for doctors in this country. I guess the free market applies to everything but health care in this country. Oh wait, primary education is exempt, too, but that's a whole other blog post, and possible a whole other blog.

And since I've gone off on a tangent already ... Somehow, Raman noodles have become a guilty pleasure rather than the mealtime staple of my college days and early 20s. I hadn't eaten Raman noodles in more than 10 years. Last week, I had two packages at my brother in law's house and now I'm eating a bowl at 1 in the morning after thinking about them while I was at work. Thanks a lot, Tim.

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