Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dan, otherwise known as his royal toddlerness

Sometimes I forget that Dan has his own agenda and preferences. He doesn't say very many words, he doesn't always obey us, but he understands so much of what's going on around him. He's a very busy boy. What often looks like mindless meandering or frantic activity really does have a purpose.

Every morning, when he hears the toaster pop up, he runs into the kitchen and mills anxiously about while I fix his waffle. When he wants something, he reaches his hand up in what looks like a Nazi salute. It's so cute (can I really say that about my child basically doing a Heil Hitler?) until he adds the whining. He seems to want whatever we have. One day I put something he wanted on the glass top table. Undeterred, Dan scootched up under the table and tried to grab it ... from below.

Dressing him is getting a little easier. I had his socks in my hand one morning; he sat on the floor with his feet facing me. Usually "socking" him turns into a wrestling match. Today I told him to find his shoes. He picked up a shoe and said "Shoes." To lure him inside the house after outside time, I say "Snack time Dan" or "Apricots" and he gladly follows me. It may take a while since his attention is usually diverted by rocks and sticks along the way, but he gets there ... and even faster if I pretend to run away from him. That's hilarious to toddlers. I used that little ploy to get him into church for Parents Mornign Out last week.

And speaking of sticks, Dan is completely infatuated with them. He walks around the yard wielding a stick as if it were a scepter and the yard was his kingdom. He even plays a game of keep away with Bob the dog. Bob tries to get the stick from him, Dan jerks it and runs away, laughing hysterically. Bob eventually gets the stick and tries to keep it away from Dan. This weekend, though, poor Bob got whacked with a stick a few times before I could intervene. Ever the good sport, Bob just rolled over and looked at me forlornly. That dog deserves a medal. I usually let Dan bring a stick in the house, since he quickly loses interest in it long enough for me to dispose of the stick. Jim told me tonight I should probably rethink that. Dan was using a stick to reach things on the counter. He's discovered the world above his head AND is devising ways to reach it. Crap.

Dan is also becoming very particular about nap and bedtime routines. From his crib, he points to the ceiling fan; I turn it on. He points to the blinds; I close them. He grabs his blanket and rolls over. And he likes only the Beethovan track, not the Mozart or Bach track, on his mobile that Aunt Suzy and Uncle Gary gave him. I selected Mozart one day (my favorite) and he stood up in his crib and pushed the Beethovan button. Well, excuse me, your highness!

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maryellenlewis said...

Aww...sounds so cute.