Monday, January 14, 2008

Developing at warp speed

Jim often asks when Dan is moving out. Hopefully, in another 17 years, I reply. But these days, he's so independent that I fear he's just going to pack a bag one day, hop on his little three-wheeled motorcycle and head on down the road. In fact, just yesterday, I couldn't find him anywhere downstairs. Then I hear little murmurs coming from upstairs. He had silently climbed the stairs and was in his room pulling clothes from the hamper.

Last week, Dan flipped the seat open on his little motorcycle and began putting objects inside. He grabbed the zipper pouch with my breast pump, put it in and tried to close the seat.

Jim said, "Dan's got everything he needs there. He's just going to stop every once in a while and [holding up the breast pump] say 'Excuse, ma'am, can I get a fill up?'"

Speaking of booby juice, I think Dan may be starting to wean himself. He sometimes nurses only once or twice a day and takes a little bit at night. One night he even went to bed without booby juice. Lately, I've been initiating the feedings, too. He usually wants to nurse when he's fallen down or during the witching hour between 5 and 6 pm. One day last week, I was trying to comfort him the "mommy way" and he bit me. Ouch.

Other new developments: He can stand up without pulling up, navigate the bumpy backyard, go up and down hills and give the dog a treat. That last feat is the cutest thing you ever did see. We need to get it on video. Dan understands us when we say, "Let's go give Bob a treat." He follows us down the hall to the closet, reaches into the box to get a treat and holds it out for Bob. At first, Bob wouldn't take it from him, presumably because he was afraid of hurting the baby. But eventually, Bob started taking the treat. Dan is just so pleased with himself and now, whenever Dan walks down the hall, Bob follows him.

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