Thursday, November 01, 2007

Running on instinct

Dan is 11 months old today. So, I did my monthly perusal of The Books. You know, the ones that tell you what your child should be doing and what to expect in the next month. I've had to limit myself to reading once a month and only the parts that apply to Dan's age and/or stage. No reading ahead!

As I read about 11 month olds, I realized just how dead on my instincts have been. Usually by the time I read about an age or stage, I'm already doing a lot of what's suggested for Dan's developmental stage. In the past week, I've started giving him more direction and telling him what's going on using adult phrases followed by a simpler version using just key words. This is something The Book suggested. I didn't read about it until yesterday.

The technique comes in handy when closing the fridge or dishwasher. These two appliances are the most fascinating thing EVER for Dan. He makes a bee line for the kitchen when he hears me open those doors. If I open them while he's in his high chair, his eyes light up and he starts fidgeting. So, I usually let him play a bit and then tell him "Mommy needs to close the door now. Say bye bye to the dishwasher." This has dramatically reduced the drama surrounding the closing of the fridge and dishwasher.

Another interesting development is that he hands objects to me instead of taking them away or holding onto them. Now when he's gotten a hold of contraband I can just sweetly say, "Dan, can Mommy have that?" And he hands it over! I also use this strategy to keep him from throwing or dropping his sippy cup on the floor. I might as well take advantage of it while it lasts.

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