Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It never fails ...

On Friday night, Dan had a very sleepless night. He was up every few hours. He didn't want to go back to sleep. By 5 a.m., Jim got up with him. They had breakfast and went to Lowe's. Later that day, he began walking. We should have known ... sleepless nights precede major (and sometimes even minor) developments.

Actually, he's been taking steps since he was eight months old. But on Saturday, he finally began pulling up, letting go and practically running around the house. He's doing what Jim calls "room to room transfers." He walks from room to room to room. This weekend, he was crawling as much as he walked. But today, I barely saw him crawl at all. All this activity is exhausting him. He's been taking good daytime naps and sleeping well at night.

Up till now, the only shorties roaming around the house were the dog and the cat. Seeing him toddle around is hilarious. He's eye-level with the dog and he loves it. And he's finally taller than the cat. In fact, the first time I saw him walk across the room, he was heading for Bob the dog. He gave Bob a nice pat on the snout, and buried his hands and face in the dog's furry neck. Then, his next stop was Smug the cat. He squatted down beside her while she was eating and started petting her back. We've been working on the concept of "gentle" - for petting the animals, our faces and our hair. He gets it when we say "gentle Dan," I think. Anyhow, he hasn't pulled my hair or poked my eye out lately.

The best part of staying home with Dan is watching him accomplish feats big and small. Today, he seemed to get better at walking with each passing hour. His balance has improved enormously in just three days. He can stoop down to pick up toys, stand back up from a squat, shlep steadily through toy piles and even carry rather large toys while walking.

No wonder he's exhausted.

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