Friday, April 20, 2007

Time warp

The past week has been hell. I've not had more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep since ... oh, I don't know. The past three days have been a blur of sweet potatoes, laundry, all night nursing and ear piercing screams. We've even had a few bouts of screaming at frequencies I suspect only the dog can hear. Poor pup.

On Wednesday night, Danny screamed, writhed, farted and nursed most of the night. Same thing Thursday night. Fortunately, sleep deprivation reduces all but the deductive reasoning portion of my brain to mush. On Wednesday, I was convinced the sweet potatoes he had for dinner were the culprit. On Thursday, after no sweet potatoes and an encore of Wednesday's all night shriek-fest, it occured to me that I had been drinking glasses of milk, instead of mere splashes in my morning coffee. Bingo.

Rewind to almost three months ago - an eternity in the land of sleep disturbia - when Danny was having similar nightwakings and I was enjoying glasses of milk. Maybe I should write this stuff down. No more milk for mommy.

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