Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Striking while the iron is ... sleepy?

Yes, I just rewrote a popular idiom. I think I may have just won a battle in the sleep war. Danny no longer falls asleep on his playmat after Sesame Street. He's got too many new skills to practice and he really just wants to spend all day standing while holding my fingers.

So right now, Danny's napping, in his crib, without me, his personal booby. How did I accomplish this? I kept a close eye on him after Sesame Street. He nursed and was starting to get wriggly. Then I noticed the eyes at half mast. I immediately snuggled him in my arms, took him upstairs, nursed him a little more and plunked him down in his crib. I went to start the laundry and the washing machine must have lulled him to sleep.

The poop chronicles

WARNING: Read on an empty stomach.
The most surprising thing about being a parent is how you become intimately aware of another person's bodily functions. I could tell you when Danny last pooped and how much and what color it was. Last night, our son pooped out what looked like an entire sweet potato ... twice. It was the strangest thing we'd ever seen. My husband and I showed each other the diaper each time. We haven't done that since he was a week or so old. Sweet potatoes are officially off the menu for a while.

Other foods he's eating: avacado, banana and yogurt, and applesauce. We tried peas with him, but after two days he pooped out what looked like a pile of mashed peas. With the aforementioned foods, we've noticed no weirdly colored or textured poops.

He's still asleep!! It's been an hour!! I'm not sure what to do with myself.

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