Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't say eclair around a pregnant woman

Last night, I had my first intense craving. I'm almost nine months pregnant and really haven't had any intense cravings, just some mild cravings for sushi and mexican food and cucumbers and cottage cheese and big salads and grilled cheese and tomato soup and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and then there was that night in Ocean City when I had to have a hamburger and almost had a meltdown in the restaurant when they didn't have hamburgers ... okay, well maybe I have had some cravings. But last night, for the first time, I went WAY out of my way to get exactly what I wanted.

Jim made the mistake of mentioning a really good eclair he had at a coffee shop in Durham. Bingo! So we stopped by this shop on our way to someplace else and they didn't have eclairs. Jim honestly thought we could go our merry way without fulfilling this quest. Rookie father-to-be mistake -- I'll cut him some slack. We drove to our intended destination and I remembered that Mad Hatter bakery was nearby and asked Jim to drive there. He didn't feel like it ... WHAT????? So I dropped him off and drove there myself.

I found large scrumptious eclairs at Mad Hatter bakery and probably the worst customer service I've EVER experienced. I let them know it, too. A little digression ... they had a customer comments box with a pen attached to it, but no paper anywhere in sight. Who do they think they're fooling? I found some paper and wrote them a sweet little note.

Moral of the story: Don't say eclair around a pregnant woman and expect her to drop it. She won't -- until she's downing a nice, big creamy, chocolaty eclair.

Right now, my husband, Chef Jim, is in the kitchen making a big batch of eclairs.


Carolyn VanHousen said...

I laughed out loud at your story. Thanks for making my day :) Good luck!!!! Cousin Carolyn

Carolyn VanHousen said...

Josee, your story made me laugh out loud. Thanks for making my day