Sunday, May 28, 2006

Missing: One waist, fat from my legs and butt

If anyone sees these items, let me know. Actually, I think the missing fat from my legs and butt has shifted to my waist. And I haven't gained an ounce, yet.
I'm still puking. In fact, this morning, I was puking into the garbage disposal and my husband is so used to this that he just silently worked around me in the kitchen.

I'm not sleeping quite as much. Too bad. I really enjoyed sleeping 12 hours a day. Another unpleasant side effect? The pressure from my growing abdomen is pushing on a nerve and making my left leg numb. So ... the baby is literally getting on my nerves. I'm sure it won't be the last time.

Welcome to my fourth month of pregnancy!

It's starting to sink in that we are having a baby. We are now staring down our last summer without children. Saturday, we took off for the lake on a moments notice. Definitely something we can't do with a baby. I predict a very spontaneous summer ahead.

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