Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A diaper and a boob

With my energy level returning, I thought it would be the perfect time to make a list of what this little one will need. Let me just say, I want to avoid having my house taken over by baby gear. Sure, the parents among you are laughing. Stop it ... you were probably once this idealistic.

So a girlfriend loaned me a copy of Baby Bargains. The book rates all possible baby products telling you what you really need and what you can do without, what the best products are and the price ranges. From here, I made a list, put it in a spreadsheet (stop laughing. I LOVE Excel.) with columns for brand preferences and prices and whether it was something we should buy, borrow or register for.

Then I had a mental meltdown the first time I actually saw a crib in a store. It was rickety, the wood was too shiny and I couldn't get the side rail down. Then there's the bassinet that my sister loaned me. It's mocking me. I struggled to put it together and it too feels rickety. Thinking about strollers makes me twitch. Most of them are made to collapse for easy storage, but that fact makes me pretty uneasy. I have visions of the stroller collapsing with the baby in it.

I took a little break from baby gear browsing. It was making my head hurt. I looked around my house and wondered where I will put all this stuff "they" say I need. Then I remembered what a woman once said at a baby shower.

"All you really need when you have a baby is a diaper and a boob." Well said. But I think I still want a crib.

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Jax and company said...

Once at a La Leche League meeting, a woman said all you really need is a car seat, a sling, and a crock pot. I guess she was assuming the diaper and boob parts.