Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another summer winding down

I can see the first day of school in the 10-day forecast. The summer break of my year-round school children has dwindled to less than a week left. What began as Camp Fun Mommy has turned to Camp Honey Badger Mommy. The latter just doesn't care.

Your sister snatched the dive stick you threw and forgot about? Suck it up. 

Your brother snatched the dive stick you threw and waited for him to take before you screamed bloody murder? Please. I wasn't born yesterday. You got exactly what you wanted.

Your want to start a fight in my van over a toy? I will stop this van right now. Honey badger mommy put a child in time out on the side of our street this week.

Today we are one week from Fiona's first day of kindergarten (she starts a day later than Danny). So I decided that today would be one of those YES days, where mommy says yes to most requests and adds in a few of her own surprises. After our TV time, breakfast and chores, we did computer time. I finally hit on the way to satisfy three children with computer time: one on the desktop, one on the laptop and one on my phone. We went to the gym, Chic Fil A for lunch and ice cream and playground.

Next stop was the playground adjacent to the pool. The playground they've been begging me to go to all summer. The playground that is in full sunlight with slides that would burn their little buns in the 90-degree heat. Finally, they got their wish. With temperatures in the 80s and cloudy skies, we played for 20 minutes and then mosied down to the pool. The lifeguards just cleared the pool for a measly, distant rumble of thunder. TEARS and HYSTERICS on the part of one rising kindergartner. Back to the playground for another 30 minutes.

We got to swim for 45 minutes. Every time a whistle blows, my 7 year old asks me why. In fact, he's so wiped out tired, that he uses me as a surrogate brain and just asks me what he sees and hears. As we are leaving, I tell him that I do not know the origin or nature of all sounds that he hears.

Next stop was the grocery store to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner with three children trailing behind me. As we're leaving, I give orders to fall in behind me and be careful as we're approaching the parking lot. I hear Danny say, "Be careful, guys. Don't step on the cracks." Not exactly what I had in mind. Then I turn to find Owen running into a brick post and bouncing off unharmed.

I prepared myself well for these 5 weeks, mind you. I have a schedule posted on the fridge every day. And for the most part, we've stuck to a schedule with a good mix of routine and excitement and laid back summer fun. We've petted ponies and had picnics and gone to museums and storybook theater and a movie. We've had laid back days and evenings at home, playing in the yard, catching fireflies, eating Popsicles, splashing in our small pool on the patio. We've played with cousins and had cookouts and bike rides. They even had their very own mini mountain vacation with their grandparents and a fun week at vacation bible school.

Now I am done. Exhausted. Tired of driving and packing pool bags. I'm so ready for next week. Next challenge? Managing two children in school. Two school lunches to pack. Two teacher relationships to foster. Two classes to volunteer for. Two take home folders to check. A whole new world.


Hanna said...

Your children are so blessed to have you as their Mom!

Monica said...

*surrogate brain* made me laugh out loud. I hope your fall goes well with two in school! our "baby" is going to kinder in two short weeks. bittersweet.