Monday, November 21, 2011

Real mom tips #1 & #2

Don't sweep right after a meal. Wait until the end of the day. Why? By then the mushy stuff, such as Cheerios and pasta, will be solid. Sweeping up wet noodles is like trying to corral worms. And in the case of Cheerios, sweeping them only makes a bigger mess as they leave a trail that will dry into an impossibly tenacious blob. Use the blunt end of the broom to dislodge recalcitrant Cheerios and any other difficult debris. Then just sweep it away. I actually find it amusing to watch the stuck Cheerios launch across the floor when I apply the broom tip to them. 

And speaking of Cheerios, should you ever find yourself out of glue or paste at craft time (which, of course, happens every day, right?), just smash a handful of Cheerios into a little bit of water or milk and brush it on like a paste. I'm pretty sure it will stick to the paper until your child is 50.

You're welcome.

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Monica said...

hahaha. sarcasm at its finest. love. it. infinitely happy to be nearly out of the cheerios phase. tip #3 might be - DO NOT switch to fruit loops. more sugar, nasty poop, and not as easy to disguise the floor goo when unexpected company shows up. ;o)