Friday, March 18, 2011


So this week has been a blur of all night nursing (yeah, I'm still a sucker for that). And I've found that Benadryl at midnight has absolutely no effect.

What I've heard and done in between is not so clear. But I do recall saying my son's and daughter's names about 100 times a day. That's why you should pick names you like: you'll be saying them a lot. They have both developed a stunning case of mother deafness. It appears to be contagious. And my 4-year-old has added dawdling to the repertoire of ways to be defiant. He also still enjoys saying things like "It's not time to do that" or "I won't," to which I find myself issuing these rather effective threats:

Does my hand need to find your bottom? or Do you need help listening?

And let me tell you, bottoms move very quickly when I say this. I haven't had to touch one bottom in weeks. In fact, one day when I issued the threat after Danny had loudly told me "I WON'T," he ran away saying "I will, I will." 

That's what I thought. COL!! (that would be cackle out loud)

As for Fiona, she has an awful case of the "I wanna do its," regardless of whether she's physically capable of doing "it." She wants to put her own diaper on, for instance. Physically impossible. (Oh yeah, she's fallen off the potty wagon and I'm not putting her back on. She sometimes asks to go. This time around, it's all up to the trainee.)

She had her 2 year doctor's visit this week and got one shot. She hates the doctor, hates the nurse, wouldn't cooperate one bit and screamed the entire time like someone was torturing her. She later told me:

Dr. Greene hurt me.

Get out of my bed, she told me one night. Yes, ma'am. And then she preceded to cry for 30 minutes when I tucked her in and said good night.

Turn on the happy birthday, she demanded one day. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out that she wanted me to light the candle we'd been using at dinnertime.

What's a hoe look like? Danny asked several times in a row at dinner one night. Meanwhile, my husband is giggling like a 13 year old. We'd just gotten a new garden hoe.

What's a hoe do? Danny continued. More snickering from the spouse.

This weekend, we'll be doing quite a bit of gardening with our hoe. It's supposed to be beautiful. Have a great weekend. 

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