Thursday, January 22, 2009

The practice baby

Though today is my due date, I am not in labor. I feel more normal today than yesterday, unfortunately. Yesterday, I had back pain and called in a reinforcement (a k a Nana) to help in the morning. With Danny, I was more certain of my due date and went into labor on that day.

It's been a worrisome week, though. Between the ice and snow and my midwife having a family emergency, I've been on edge about whether the midwife would make it to the birth. But face it -- even if we were going to a hospital or birth center, the ice and snow would have complicated things. So now that I'm not in labor on my due date, I've tentatively made plans for the weekend. I want to go to a kids consignment sale on Sunday to find some summer clothes for Fiona and maybe some cloth diaper supplies. Hope I make it.

We've put a Cabbage Patch doll in the bouncy seat in the living room. It's the practice baby. The first night, the first thing Dan did was hit her. Jim and I came down hard, then gave him alternatives, like gentle patting, playing peekaboo or kissing. We've been talking for months about babies, what they're like, what they do (cry a lot, drink booby juice and sleep). Now her car seat is in the van right next to his. He seemed quite tickled when I told him that she'd be sitting there and he could talk to her.

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