Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Up in flames

I may have finally stumbled upon a "cure" for the incessant heartburn. Last night, I downed a Pepcid, three Tums and an 8 ounce glass of baking soda and water quickly. Voila. Little to no heartburn for at least an hour. Hey, I didn't say it was perfect.

The heartburn is so much worse this time than with Dan. Shortly after Dan was born, the New York Times had an article confirming the old wives tale that if you had a lot of heartburn while pregnant then the baby would have lots of hair. Dan had quite a bit of hair at birth. In fact, he had sideburns and backhair. If the myth hold true this time around, I expect to be giving birth to a gorilla.


Mary Ellen said...

Baby gorillas are cute!

I had terrible heartburn during my first pregnancy and Caroline was nearly bald at birth, so maybe you will give birth to a little cue-ball:)

The WilsonFam said...

I will have to remember the baking soda and water trick, sometimes i feel like my throat is on fire. Heartburn is the worst, i get it everytime I am pregnant without fail.

Josee said...

It's almost like the baby has a flamethrower!

Anonymous said...

Oh Josee. You know that as a student of maternal health right now, this post is just too much for me. Your pyloric sphincter just needs to relax. I do hope you find some rest from the heartburn though. Something I have to do sometimes is drink a huge gulp of milk and hold it in your mouth. Then, go lie down. Do not swallow the milk until you are horizontal. That's my trick I use when I don't have Tums. I had to do it a couple nights while I was living with you because I didn't bring nay with me.--Cousin Kelley