Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick, dirty and bruised

Photos of Dan are rare these days. Even videos are tough to get. He's just not as pliable as he once was. I downloaded a half dozen videos tonight that consisted of me urging him to show us how he dances ... to no avail. He does a dozen cute things a day and I can capture them only in words. I hope that's enough.

The photos below are just the perfect illustration of what life with Dan has been like lately. In the first photo, he's leaving the frame. Second photo? He's wearing his dinner. In the third, I tried to capture his latest bruise. And, boy, was it a doozie. He tripped over a toy and banged his head on the corner of a wooden toy box. The bruise is on the left. Most of his forehead bruises, though, are self-inflicted. If we have to deny him something, he still finds the hardest object he can and bangs his head.

So that's our boy these days ... quick, dirty and bruised. But at least he's one of the happiest, most easily consoled babies I know.

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