Friday, July 27, 2007

Threshhold of filth

I pity the mother who even tries to control germs and dirt. It's a never-ending battle against dog hair, dust and dirt that cling to my spit-up, drool and sticky food covered baby boy who can't sit still long enough for me to clean him up.

And to make matters worse, diapering him these days is like trying to give a cat a pill. This morning, after removing his dog hair and puke covered pajamas and soggy diaper, he flipped over and began to pee all over the floor as he escaped my grasp. Then he crawled through the pee.

So, dog hair plus puke plus crawling through pee is the threshold of filth. He had to get a bath, not just your standard wipe down. My priorities are to 1.) keep puke and pee off the hard floors so no one slips on it or tries to eat it (dog, cat or baby) or roll through it; 2.) keep puke and pee from getting ground into the carpet; and 3.) wipe the babies face and hands every once in awhile.

I know, it seems pretty like a pretty high threshold and really out-of-whack priorities. If I wiped the baby down before he reaches the filth threshold, I'd never get anything done.

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