Saturday, July 22, 2006

Capt. Stuebing 1997 - 2006

On Friday we made the difficult decision to put our 9-year-old cat Capt. Stuebing to sleep. I was fortunate enough to find a veterinarian who does house calls exclusively. This allowed Stu to die at home, in comfortable, familiar and loving surroundings instead of after a car ride to a sterile, unfamiliar veterinarian's office.

You can read more about Stu's diagnosis and his story in earlier posts. I am too emotionally spent to talk any more about this, but if you have any special memories of Stu, feel free to post them.


Jennifer Hervey said...

From Stu's first dog friend: Pete (hound/lab mix). I remember the first meeting between dog and cat. Both were unsure and than dog chased cat all around room and thus continued the pattern while cohabitating! Stu, being a generous cat, always shared a certain stuffed toy, Bill Clinton, that Pete would chew on. What a great cat, he will certainly be missed!! Love Jen and Pete

Pop Pop said...

I remember the day you first picked up that cat.

After you told me the story of how you found him, I immediately started calling him "The Garbage Can Cat", which he was. And how was it that we ended up with him and had to ship him up to you on the airplane ?

Pop Pop said...
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